2018 Ferrari GTC4Lusso 70th Anniversary

Colour Bianco Italia

Trim Inchiostro leather

Mileage 4,400 miles

Location London, United Kingdom

Chassis Number 232556

Price POA

2018 Ferrari GTC4Lusso 70th Anniversary

  • One of only five Ferraris in ‘The Surtees’ livery, and the only GTC4Lusso
  • Inspired by the World Championship winning Ferrari 158 F1 car
  • Completely bespoke ‘Tailor Made’ specification
  • A stunning combination of Bianco Italia, Blu Mariner and Azzurro

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2018 Ferrari GTC4Lusso '70th Anniversary'

To celebrate its 70th anniversary, Ferrari commissioned a remarkable series of limited-edition models, using its ‘Tailor Made’ programme to craft specifications that would faithfully honour 70 different racing liveries from its incredible motorsport and road car history. Each livery was applied to one each of five different models: California T, 488 GTB, 488 Spider, F12 Berlinetta, and the GTC4Lusso.

The 33rd of the 70 liveries, ‘The Surtees’ was created by Tailor Made in tribute to the Ferrari 158 Formula One racer of 1964, which is a landmark car for a number of reasons. Firstly, because of an ongoing dispute with the motorsport authorities that refused to grant homologation to the 250 LM racing car, Enzo Ferrari made the unprecedented decision to withdraw from the 1964 season in protest, instead throwing his support behind Luigi Chinetti’s North American Racing Team (NART) for the final two races.

While the crowds had become familiar with the ‘Scuderia Ferrari’ cars finished in the iconic Rosso Corsa, the team had officially pulled out. So when John Surtees and teammate Lorenzo Bandini appeared at the start line of the United States Grand Prix on 4 October 1964, their 158s were instead finished in the NART racing colours of blue and white.

After finishing second at Watkins Glen, Surtees needed to finish first or second in the final race of the season to stand a chance of beating Graham Hill. Surtees’ car, sporting number 7, ended up crossing the line in Mexico in second place, while Hill was two laps behind. The victory secured not only another world title for a Ferrari F1 car, but it also cemented Surtees’ place in the history books as the only person to have won World Championships on both two and four wheels.

A fitting tribute to one of the greatest competitors of all time, ‘The Surtees’ livery on this GTC4Lusso consists of the triple-coat colour of Bianco Italia, accented by a Blu Mariner stripe running up the bumper and bonnet only. Its racing roundel is also finished in Blu Mariner with the ‘7’ number painted in Bianco Italia, while the lightweight forged alloy wheels are painted in glossy Azzurro.

The exhaust tailpipe tips are crafted in satin-effect stainless steel, and there are matt black grilles in the vents and intakes. The external carbon-fibre has a bespoke glossy blue finish, and there is also dedicated ‘70 Anni’ badging. Finally, the NART-style Ferrari logo is airbrushed onto the flanks - another touch that makes it a faithful homage to the 1964 Championship-winning car.

The cabin features a unique specification of Inchiostro (‘Ink’) and black leather, accented throughout by vibrant Azzurro stitching, and with interior trims in matt Grigio Corsa and carbon-fibre. The overall theme uses black leather for the top sections of the dashboard and door panels, while the dark blue Inchiostro leather is used for the lower sections and main seat upholstery. Its seats are also finished with a bespoke narrow horizontal ribbing, which gives a smart period appearance in keeping with the 1964 tribute aesthetic.

Internal aluminium elements are finished in matt Grigio Corsa, along with the HMI, kick plates and the footrests, while the buttons are in black aluminium. Factory-fitted equipment includes the adaptive headlight system, Apple CarPlay, the panoramic roof, passenger display, and the upgraded Hi-Fi system. Ahead of the driver is a carbon-fibre trimmed steering wheel with LED shift lights, and a white rev counter, while the Cavallino emblem is embroidered into the headrests.

Presented in a completely unique ‘Tailor Made’ specification and remaining in outstanding condition throughout, this is a bespoke contemporary Ferrari grand tourer that would make an attention-grabbing addition to any collection, inspired by one of the most historically significant Formula One World Championship victories.

Factory options:

EXTC: External colours (Extracampionario)

INTC: Internal colours (Extracampionario)

CRPT: Carpet colours (Extracampionario)

ACPL: Apple Carplay

AFS2: Adaptive Headlights with SBL Function

ALOG: Airbrushed ‘Scuderia Ferrari’ Shield

BAC1: Leather Upholstery on Seat Backrest

BAG7: 70 Anni Luggage Set

CEXS: Carbon-fibre Underdoor Cover

CISK: Exterior Sill Kick in Carbon

DEDI: Dedication Plate in Silver

ECRF: Panoramic Roof

EMPH: Cavallino Stitched on Headrest

FCWS: Carbon-fibre Front Spoiler

HELE: High Emotion Low Emission

LEDP: Inner Colour Door Panel Trim (Extracampionario)

NVT1: NavTrak Anti-Theft System Sub.

PDIS: Passenger Display

PIP2: Inner Leather Inserts (Extracampionario)

PNTT: Tri-Coat Colours (Bianco Italia)

RIFS: 20-inch Forged Dark Painted Rims

RPMW: White Rev Counter

RSPA: Spoiler on Panoramic Roof in Nero DS

SHF3: Leather Parcel Shelf (Extracampionario)

SNDB: High-Power Hi-Fi System

SPEC: Special Equipment

STC2: Coloured Special Stitching O.R. (Extracampionario)

TAIL: Tailor Made

Tailor Made specification:

Longitudinal livery in Blu Mariner 666037 only on front lid and bumper

Rectangular trademark airbrushed on front wing

Number: Circle on front lid in Blu Mariner with number in Bianco Italia

Matt black lower plastic parts

Tailpipe tips in satin-effect stainless steel

Matt black external grilles

Glossy Azzurro 30149315 wheels

External carbon-fibre in Glossy Blue

External 70 Anni badge

Upholstery in Inchiostro CS20 leather except for upper part of dashboard, steering wheel, upper part of door panel (included in LEDP), and ULEZ.

BAC1 in Inchiostro CS20 leather

PIP2 in Inchiostro CS20 leather except for side inserts on headrest and side inserts in leg protection area which are in standard perforated black leather

SHF3 in Inchiostro CS20 leather

LEDP: Upper part of front and rear door panels in standard black leather, lower part in Inchiostro CS20 leather

Dashboard end panels in Inchiostro CS20 leather

Seats with panelling with narrow, rounded horizontal ribbing (25-13 MM)

Centre console panels: LTCA: Centre console panels in non-perforated Inchiostro CS20 leather (parts remain in black perforated leather on dashboard)

Mats: Upholstery in lower part of centre console in Inchiostro CS20 leather and rest of footwell in black carpet

Additional black carpet mats with edge trim in Inchiostro CS20 leather

Stitching in Azzurro 7463 thread

Cavallino embroidered on seats in Azzurro 7463 thread

Internal aluminium elements in Matt Grigio Corsa

HMI in Matt Grigio Corsa

Buttons to match black aluminium

Four arrow buttons on bridge: Red

Footrests in Matt Grigio Corsa

Kickplate in Matt Grigio Corsa

Plastic parts in same colour as leather

Grilles: In same colour as leather except for grilles on upper part of dashboard and upper part of door panel which remain black

Tailor Made 70 Anni dedication plate

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